Advertising Policy

What is a Link?

The link is your business name in bold hyperlinked to the client website plus up to 15 words of descriptive text.

Business Name

Business Name - can only be the legal name of the business or the marketing name of the business or the Trade Mark. The business name should be clearly visible when you click to the website. A client should be able to demonstrate the validity of a marketing name in the non virtual world if necessary. The name of the link cannot be longer than 25 characters.

Descriptive Text

Up to 15 words of descriptive text that describes the client business, product or service or website. Superlatives are not permitted nor marketing slogans, commands or instructions. Additional words may be purchased for 6E per additional word per link up to a maximum of 15 additional words.

WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get)

When a user clicks a client's link, they are hyperlinked to the client website and to to a web page which clearly offers the services described in link text and the section.

For example, if a client car hire company has a link on the Seville Car Hire section the clients car hire service must be offered in the city of Seville. A real estate company with a link on the Salobreña page must indeed have properties in Salobreña.

A business may offer links for its own secondary business activities. The descriptive text must be clearly worded acordingly and the link going directly to a page that offered the described service. In this way the user does not have to 'hunt' to find the described service.

Sorting Client links within the same Section

The web pages are divided into sections and in some cases sub-sections. Our research indicates that this structured approach makes the www visitor's experience easier for finding the resources they are looking for. This policy is one of the reasons for's success to date.

In order to sort clients within the same section, we observe the following policy: The list is ranked so that those clients with the greatest value of annual subscription services contracted with Andalucia Web Solutions appear in the highest ranking positions. This overall value of services contracted', includes the number of links, banner adverts and hosting services.

Multiple links for the same client are not permitted under the same section of a web page.

Links to Other Portals

It is policy not to link to web portals. We prefer to link directly to the websites of businesses related to Andalucia. helps the user narrow the field of their information search. A link to a portal reverses this process and generates a negative experience.

In order to classify as web portal the following points are taken into account: Does the business behind the website have a physical presence and non internet sales channels?

Does the nature of the non internet business behind the website fits the section.

Does the website that sell advertising or have extensive unsubtle onward links to other websites?

Does the website have content with resources relating other business activities? Is the website a member of an affiliate programme for other websites?

Does the website business have a have Generic name?

In some cases we may enter into advertising contracts with 'portal like' websites on condition that:

We make direct links into the description subject area pages of clients website and not the home page. The website must still function well from a users view in this mode. The link is placed on one of the specialist lesser traffic pages. Links appear after other non 'portal like' clients within sections.

Passing Off

We do not link to a business whom we suspect may be "passing off" as ourselves or other clients.

Banners and Buttons

Buttons and Banners are clearly advertising and promotion and are not subjected to the stricter policy of links.

Unsuitable Advertising

Advertising that does not confrorm to this policy is deemed unsuitable.