Hiring made Simpler with Psychometric Testing

Choosing the ideal person for each job is a challenge every employer faces. Specialists in human resources know that psychometric testing can provide much more information about a candidate's personality and abilities than a simple interview.

Andalucia.com and Andalucia Web Solutions have used psychometric testing both to screen candidates for new positions as well as to better understand current employee's strengths and weaknesses. The results have provided useful information and increased productivity.

Companies such as Central Test in the UK provide psychometric tests that analyse temperament and personality, management and sales skills in order to provide career and business-specific data. There are also tests that measure IQ and EQ (emotional intelligence quotient). Tests can be taken online and results are provided to you, the employer, instantly. Everything is explained in clear easy to understand terms.

With psychometric testing you can create the best staff ever - and get the most out of your current team. For more information, e-mail mike@centraltest.co.uk and tell him you were sent by Andalucia Web Solutions!