Search Engine Strategies London 2008

Once again Andalucia Web Solutions’ own Search Engine Optimisation expert, Carlo Piran , has reaped the immense benefits of attending London’s Search Engine Strategies Conference and Exhibition. The 2008 edition took place during the last week of February, enriching participants with much coveted keys to bringing web content to the top of user searches around the world.

This 5th edition of SES (Search Engine Strategies) fulfilled all expectations providing cutting edge information on all the standard topics: organic search, PPC, social networking, searchers behaviour, demographics and analytics packages. However, the most relevant topics were about Universal and Social Search, the two driving forces on the search market at present.

Of special note was news, information and tools regarding one of the most radical changes rolled out by Google recently. This has involved the introduction of a "Universal Search" system that will add images, videos, news articles, press releases and maps to the search results pages. Obviously, this opens up an all-new world of opportunities for searchers and advertisers alike as it changes search behaviour and is set to have a huge impact.

Another important topic discussed at the conference is the so-called “Social Search” also known as “community search” or “behaviourally targeted search”. Simply put, site owners cast a vote as to which site they think is important, and you reap the benefits of their evaluations. With the recent booming of social media websites this is something to be considered for marketing strategies in order to be able to tap into a huge market.

A novelty this year was the extension of the conference to include Friday workshops. I therefore had the pleasure of attending two more information sessions than usual and chose one titled “Usability and Accessibility” and another called “Universal Search Optimisation” – both highly useful and packed with top tips for making cutting edge websites and upgrading current sites in order to ensure they make that much-coveted first page of search results.

Interestingly, fewer people attended SES this year, which made it all the better for those in attendance. Direct access to top, world experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) made it possible to reap even better benefits than ever.

As Andalucia Web Solution’s representative at the conference I was able to greatly improve my knowledge of the latest SEO techniques, which I can now use to continue to keep our clients at the top of every relevant search in their field.