What is Drupal?

To understand Drupal we need to know that a Content Management System (CMS) is an application that you use to make changes to your site without the need for expensive web site editing tools. 

To date Andalucia Web Solutions has completed projects for several clients using the Drupal CMS platform including our site.


Drupal is an open source module CMS platform licensed under the GPL with powerful features to manage a wide variety of web sites including portals, blogs, corporate and e-commerce sites. This has been made possible by the open technologies used to program Drupal allowing us to plug-in whatever custom functionality you desire.

Using a Drupal web site is made simple by powerful tools that allow you to update navigations and text inside your web browser, whether that be Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera, for example.

If you are familiar with word processing software like Microsoft Word you will feel very comfortable when updating your site. The interface includes a rich text editor with the functionality to copy, cut and paste, boldface and italicize text and much more. No previous technical experience is required.

Armed with a comprehensive manual and training you will quickly learn and enjoy the power of Drupal to add that news article, blog posts or add that page you thinks is missing!