AWS was invited to submit a proposal for the re-theming, in Drupal, of ICANN's GNSO website.

ICANN is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and GNSO is the Generic Names Supporting Organisation for ICANN. ICANN's by-laws outline three supporting organizations, of which the GNSO belongs. These supporting organizations help to promote the development of Internet policy and encourage diverse and international participation in the technical management of the Internet.

AWS were up against some stiff competition from companies in the states, but after a month of waiting we were all delighted to hear that we had won the contract. The project was basically building a website that seamlessly merged existing content and information on the GNSO website with an appealing and useable design, multilingual options and a rich customizable management platform.


Working with a set of 22 wireframes we started first to work on the design, colours and fonts. Working closely with the client we tweaked the design until we were both really happy with it and then started to produce all the pages for final design approval. The clients head office is in California, so we had many conference calls where two or three of us would discuss issues with the client. Considering that they were so many thousands of miles between us - it didn't seem to make much difference to the way we worked together. What with teleconferencing, emails, web uploads etc. the real distance between us seemed irrelevant. Once the design was approved, the final art work was handed over to our technical department who also worked closely with the client during the coding and implementation process.

ICANN were very specific about the accessibility and usabilty of the website. The menu system in particular was of great importance to them. They required that a user understand the sections of the website without having to click into each one. Together with the ICANN team we implemented a "hover" navigation for the primary links, then merged several menu modules to develop a custom system for the sub-navigation. The left hand secondary menu shows the subnavigation for the currently viewed section only, however we also implemented a "Windows Explorer" style system where you can open each subsection by clicking on the arrow without having to reload the page.


The new website design looks fantastic and really makes the GNSO site more accessible. ICANN are really pleased with the design and the whole team at AWS feel proud and privileged to have been involved.