Hola Credito


The client originally came to us asking for an extensive online system that would run their business. After careful analysis we came to the conclusion that an existing "offline" system would be more suitable. The website requirements became simply a 2 language brochure website with a contact form which records a history of responses.


As this was a new company, we started with very little in the way of branding, AWS in conjunction with Stacy Prendeville were tasked to create the logo, the colours, the format, basically the entire brand. A site architecture was built to plan out the website and content, then we produced the design to the great satisfaction of the client and built the website in the Drupal CMS.


The client is very pleased with their website. After the site was completed, we performed SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) on the site, this in conjunction with PPC (pay per click) campaigns through Google Adwords has seen an instant success on the website