Holiday Villas Conil


Holiday Villas Conil needed a user friendly, content managed website - clean, elegant and reflecting the luxury nature of the property. Even though the site was to utilize beautiful images at large sizes, the client was well aware that plenty of content and information would help with SEO.


The original logo for the property, designed some time ago, was not available in a digital format so the first job for the design team was to create a new logo, taking the style of the old and reshaping it in a contemporary yet elegant style. Once the logo and colour swatch were approved, work started on creating a clean look and feel. Meanwhile, top journalists and copywriters were working on the text - the site was to be in 3 languages.

The design and production team spent two days going over the project with the client on location - so a really authentic feel for the properties and the kind of holiday you could experience was easily transmitted to the work.

The website itself had to be built around the images, the client was very adamant that the website should sell the properties through professional photos. The website had to give a very fresh and "seaside" feeling and be compatible on all mobile devices. Instead of offering a flash gallery, we elected to use a jQuery slideshow and give the images prominent positioning, each page has relevant hand selected photos.


"We got what we asked for! Wonderful! A clean, fresh, easy to use, elegant site with a beautiful picture gallery using images that make you want to book a holiday immediately. We are very pleased to be able to easily update the site and feel we finally have a very valuable web presence."