Skydive Spain


Skydive Spain are a skydiving centre close to Seville. They fly up to 15,000ft - the highest altitude in Europe - and offer world class coaches and facilities. The website project had two main aims - having a really attractive and professional internet presence (as part of their plan for SkyDive Spain to be recognised as one of the most professional centres in Europe) and to offer a constant dialogue with their customers. For the latter, a content management system was needed allowing them to stay in constant dialogue with their customers without relying on any outside support.


The design team spent hours looking at wonderful photos before they ‘dived' straight in to the design process. The team worked closely with the client, taking into account all sorts of special requests, likes and dislikes, with regards to the user interface and general site architecture. Tools such as Guestbook, Daily News and Newsletter were introduced as well as Video uploading through You Tube and a live Facebook feed.


Skydive Spain is very proud to present it's new internet appearance. It has made life a lot easier for everyone.