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Navigational Options for Your Website: Choose Wisely

So you've decided to it's time to revamp your website's navigation, or maybe you're putting together a new site and are trying to decide the best navigational menu to use. Before you choose one type over the other, you'll want to consider the size of your site and your anticipated growth, as the menu structure you select may have to expand.

10 frightening pitfalls that can turn your visitors off

While designing your website, you cannot afford to make room for any flaws that might be taken seriously by the users. There is, for sure, not a lack of websites which inadvertently contain serious mistakes, and worse still people fail to attribute poor performance of the site to such flaws. The fact is that these potentially crippling pitfalls often seem to be either trivial or marginal, or even not thought of having any say in how the site fares at the end of the day.

Using Feeds to Increase Your Site's Content

There are many ways to increase content on your site, from manually creating it to purchasing software which will auto generate it for you.

While I highly recommend you stay away from anything which is automatically generated I also understand that many people don't feel comfortable writing.

Therefore, in this article, I look at another way to make your site appear as if it's changing. That is, incorporating feeds into your site to improve return visits and build your brand.

5 Secrets to Effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising

With so many companies swarming the World Wide Web with their products, how can you and your products and services stand out?

Your ready answer would most likely be effective marketing. But how? How can you catch the eye of a surfer skimming carelessly through web pages? How can you keep the attention of a typical website reader who spends no more than 30 seconds to read any given article online? How can you garner sales online?

Domain Name - Does Your Name Really Matter?

Your domain name is the .com, .net, .org or some other dot something that people use to get to your web site. is mine.

Protect Your Domain Name

But when you logon one day all you get is an error message. Or worse yet, the domain name now points to a site full of advertisements. That's right. You're out of business.

Web Traffic Analytics

Of course you do! You're reading this article. All day long it sits on a server, sending what you told it to people you'll never meet. Who are they? Where are they come from? How do they get there? What do they do while they're there? When are they doing it? Where do they go? In the paragraphs that follow, I'll help you find more than you ever wanted to know about your web site between the various tools on the market.

Designing Your Site for Web 2.0

Have you heard it? There's a buzz like never before on the Internet. Everyone is talking about Web 2.0. If you're like many people, you may think it's a marketing gimmick and quite an overused statement. If so, you would be at least partially right.

Fortunately, there's another side to the story. Underneath all of the chatter is a concept that is even more powerful than the hype that surrounds it.

10 Ways To Extend The Reach Of Your Site

Successful websites extend their reach far and wide! They build links, connections, partnerships, or use whatever means they can to extend the reach of their sites. By extending their reach, these websites create greater exposure, bringing in more targeted traffic, leads and sales.

You should do the same with your site. It will greatly increase the importance of your site - boosting name recognition and increasing your site's visibility.

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