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Click Fraud: six things you should know

Bill was getting frustrated and desperate. He'd being trying to promote his website for months with little or no success.

Adwords didn't seem to be working. He'd devised the most fiendish ads he could think of and set them up on Google only to find that nobody clicked on them.

Becoming The Spider: Next Generation SEO Tactics

Just when you believed you had all your SEO tactics figured out, the web goes and changes on you. Not just the rules of the game but it takes the whole web platform right out from under your feet and changes it. What's a poor webmaster to do?

Web 2.0 changes the whole ballgame. It not only places the Internet user squarely in the middle of things, but it gives that user the means and power to create and manipulate data. Web 2.0 dramatically changes how we view and use the web. Actually, in many respects, it creates a whole new Internet.

Local Search - the next big player in SEM

To many people Local Search means connecting with a smaller market. The image is of a small business connecting with customers down the street or perhaps tourists passing through. A law firm finding prospects in their area or a furniture store hoping to bring customers into their store. Yet, Local Search is also about big business.

6 Things High Ranking Websites Have That Yours Doesn't

I've looked at a lot of websites over the years and helped a lot of clients, and I've yet to meet anyone who is totally committed to making their site as successful as it could be.

This is particularly true when it comes to search engine optimization. Most online businesses make a half-hearted attempt to get better search engine rankings, but rarely implement anymore than one or two things that could really help make their site a success.

Which of the following does your website have?

AdWords Campaigns? Avoiding the Mistakes

There can be no good commerce without proper marketing. Marketing campaigns are a must for businesses wishing to boost their sales. Online marketing has become more and more a distinctive and important aspect in the development and evolution of any company, big or small, which aims at reaching a specific range of potential customers.

Internet World 2008

Internet World Expo celebrated its 17th year at the Earls Court Exhibition centre in London recently (29th April to 1st May) It is one of the major events in Internet Marketing and e-commerce in Europe.

There were 270 participating companies, ranging from from well known brands such as Google, Microsoft, Sun MicroSystems, Affiliate Future to smaller companies. Visitor numbers have not been released yet, but last year there were 13,000 and this year bustled with even greater activity than last.

Free statistics service, Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a “freebee” that makes it possible for just about anyone to keep a finger on the pulse of website visitors. This web statistics factory has its roots in the Urchin Software Corporation's analytics system, which the giant Google acquired in 2005. And this is not only one of the better site statistics services around it’s also the top free service.

I Knol that!

On the 15th of December Google announced its latest project to develop and run ‘an authoritative store of information’ – i.e. an encyclopaedia. The Googlepaedia is referred to as ‘Knol’ which is a term coined to describe a unit of knowledge.

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